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iReachm passes milestone of 25.000 calls

In early October iReachm passed the magical 25.000 calls milestone. As many as 25.000 calls were successfully handled by the team of Personal Assistants. A quick calculation reveals that our customers gained over 3.500 hours extra productivity as a result.

October 2016
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iReachm secures a €250.000 subsidy from VLAIO was granted a €250.000 subsidy by “Vlaams Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen”. We received the grant for our Smart-Routing within Unified Communications project. The goal of this project is mainly to conduct further research & development in order to improve the customer experience of the users. Also, we want to prepare the technology for a broader implementation within the Unified Communications landscape.

August 2016
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Official launch of iReachm’s first commercial product launches its first commercial product, an intelligent personal assistant which answers your phone when you aren’t available on your mobile devices. In addition, iReachm also launches the first version of its App that helps users to configure their mobile device to activate the personal assistant. More information about our product

February 2016
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€320.000 capital raised

Thanks to the generous support of our crowdfunders, Business Angels, PMV and Belfius, we have reached our capital goal of 320.000€. This amount will give us the ability to launch our Minimal Viable Product, fund the sales & marketing campaigns to promote it and make the necessary upgrades and modifications to prove our Business model and its mechanics.

December 2015
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Launch of Probile in cooperation with Artilium / United Telecom

Along with Artilium and United Telecom, iReachm is supporting the launch and service offering of a new mobile network operator called Probile. The b2b target group of Probile will be able to benefit from the smart solutions of iReachm in their mobile subscription. No more voicemail, instead a personal assistant picks up the phone when the Probile client isn’t available.

November 2015
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Agreement with PMV reached

iReachm receives a positive feedback on its Business and Financial Plan send to PMV applying for a 133.000€ loan to fund its growth. An important step to reach the 320.000€ funding goal.

October 2015
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Agreement with "BAN Vlaanderen" for "Business Angel" investment

Thanks to the help of BAN Vlaanderen iReachm signs a €33.000 deal with a Business Angel. Besides capital the Business Angel also brings an impressive expertise and network of IT knowledge to the project. This “smart money” enables iReachm to strengthen its team and in-house knowledge.

September 2015
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iReachm launch event @ Spa-Francorchamps

After closing on a succesful crowdfunding campaign, iReachm invited all investors to join the official launch event at Spa-Francorchamps. Investors were “launched” into a program of mental, physical and driving training under the supervision of professional trainers. Check out the event pictures on our Facebook page

April 2015
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iReachm laureate "Netwerk Ondernemen"

iReachm was selected by Netwerk Ondernemen as a laureate and was granted a professional coach to support its growth and execution success over the coming two years.

March 2015
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iReachm closes crowdfunding campaign successfully

iReachm closes its crowdfunding campaign on MyMicroInvest and raises €74.800 thanks to 83 investors. iReachm was the first Belgian B2B project in prototype phase that was able to successfully close a crowdfunding campaign. More information about the iReachm crowdfunding campaign

January 2015
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iReachm signs MVNO agreement with Artilium

iReachm joins forces with Artilium & United Telecom in order to be able to offer a mobile service offering to its B2B users. Thanks to the MVNE capabilities of Artilium, iReachm will develop its Minimal Viable Product for multi-operator usage.

October 2014
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Prototype version 1.1 operational

iReachm finishes its first prototype V 1.1 and starts its search for investors to develop and market its first commercial product. The prototype proves the technical feasibility of the iReachm purpose.

September 2014
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iReachm reaches Telenet Idealabs top-15

Out of a total of 500 applicants, iReachm reached the top-15 of the Telenet idealabs accelerator contest. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the final 10 who were granted a €25.000 grant and professional support through an intensive accelerator program. Never the less this was a great experience and proves once again the market potential of iReachm.

August 2014
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iReachm wins Bizidee Award

iReachm was honoured during phase 1 of the Bizidee Startup competition and received a second prize of 1.500€ to further develop the idea and business plan. A great start to our prove-of market period.

december 2013
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Development of the iReachm prototype

After a positive prove of market, iReachm decides to start working on the development of a prototype to prove the technical feasibility of the Application. Thanks to a broad expertise with call center technology and telecom best practices, a team of experts was selected to join forces and develop version 1.1.

July 2013