Stop wasting time on unreachable contacts

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

We all know the struggle: you are in a meeting and get an important call, which you unfortunately could not answer. But later when you try to contact the caller, he doesn’t answer. Do you often have to deal with these kind of situations? Do not worry because iReachm has the solution for you.

Research has shown that on average we try to call each other six times before we have someone on the phone. This is a waste of time! With the iReachm application you can organize your time more efficiently in order to spend more time doing meaningful things for your business rather than trying to reach your contacts.

Your calendar

By using the iReachm app you can enjoy a customized personal assistant who will send you live messages from your missed calls. You can make your personal assistant smarter by choosing which contacts will or will not reach him or her. You can also adjust your settings to suit your needs.  In addition to all these great benefits, we added another functionality to the application that ensures that you do not lose time on endless callbacks.

It’s the possibility to share your calendar in the application. This allows your personal assistant to consult your availabilities immediately when a caller asks you to call back. This saves a lot of time and eliminates the need to send dozens of e-mails to schedule a callback moment. A very handy tool, especially now with the holiday period coming up.

A few minutes before the callback moment is booked, you will receive a notification from your personal assistant as a reminder. You can also use your settings to indicate whether you would like the caller to be notified as well.

“But what about my privacy”

You can decide how much information your personal assistant can see within your calendar. When you synchronize your calendar with the application, you will be asked what you want your personal assistant to see. By selecting the option as shown below your personal assistant only sees when you are occupied or free, without any details.

Tired of wasting time making unnecessary calls? Synchronize your calendar with the iReachm application today.

Not yet a customer of iReachm? Download the application now from the AppStore/PlayStore and start your trial period today.

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