“Looking for ways to increase the productivity of your employees by using technology? Let’s talk!”


Many companies have appointed an Innovation Manager or established an Innovation Lab within their company. The purpose is to get away from the traditional paths and the tight organizational structure that often prevails in large companies. They want to think out-of-the-box, become agile, become more flexible. Their big challenge is that they want to bring innovation into the company in a structured way. One of the topics that is often worked on is “How can we use technology and smart tools to increase the productivity of our employees or provide optimal support?”. Often Innovation Managers’ big challenge is to stay constantly informed about where the technology is going and what works well and has the potential to become main stream.


iReachm.com developed an innovation workshop where we brainstorm with the customer on how we can use technology to support the employees. The goal is to brainstorm about how we can put a personal assistant at the disposal of a specific team or company to make them more productive or to have an optimal impact on their work-life balance. During this interactive Innovation Workshop we outline practical solutions and tools ready to implement in your company using existing technology.


For Whom?

Innovation Managers who want to a look at the possibilities of AI, Big Data & IoT to support their teams.

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