Our Vision

Statistics show that by 2020 there will be 200 billion online devices on this planet. This high degree of connectivity is impressive, but if we really want to see it contributing to our quality of life and our productivity, we need something more. We need to manage information about our needs, behaviour and preferences in order to teach devices how they should adapt to our needs.

That’s why iReachm has chosen reachability as its core business. We believe that your mobile device is a huge source of information about you as a person. It reveals your location, behavior, preferences and other useful information needed to teach devices about your needs.

Our vision is that our mobile device will be important tool for the future within the world of “Internet of Things”. When connected to the billions of other devices in the world, our personal mobile device will be able to recognize us and our needs & preferences. Compare it to a car’s smart key that recognizes who is stepping into the driver’s seat and adjusts the positioning of its seat, mirrors and air-conditioning accordingly.

Reachability is a niche that allows us to work on typical complaints such as long waiting times when trying to phone a company. More importantly, this is a niche that allows us to tackle these challenges in a personalized way, based on massive amounts of data gathered from everyone involved. As a result, we can automatically smoothen personal connectivity without sacrificing quality of life.

Reachability as a service

With Reachability as a Service (RaaS), iReachm intends to introduce a new term. Our goal is to enable companies to manage their inbound and outbound reachability more efficiently impacting both productivity and work-life balance.

Currently, companies and business people are facing a number of reachability challenges:

  • Trying to reach someone by telephone often results into a trial-and-error process of 6 call-attempts, 3 call-backs and 2 voicemail messages
  • Trying to reach customer service often takes eternity, not mentioning the number of transfers and call-backs needed
  • Clients often complain that they are unable to reach their account manager or helpdesk contact
  • As digital communication with instant messaging and chat raises, clients demand the same “instant” quality of service by telephone

iReachm helps companies take care of these obstacles and improve their reachability. Using call center best practices, telecom technology and multi-channel data gathering, iReachm offers a solution that maximizes your company’s reachability.