“Discover Nikki for Sales, the personal assistant that boosts the productivity of your sales team!”


Sales people have become preferred first line of contact to their customers and may be called ‘Walking Call Centers’.  Customers look for one-to-one communication and reach out to the Account Manager in case of non-sales related questions or when something is wrong.  Both technically and commercially. They do not want to end up at a helpdesk. The Account Manager is being approached more and more by his customers. Sales Managers want to make sure that customers have the best experience and so they expect their sales people to respond and react instantly. Sales people have more and more responsibilities. Therefore, the productivity level must increase in order to achieve their targets.


Nikki, the Personal Assistant for Sales Teams. The assistant helps manage the incoming calls from sales people. The calls are being filtered: level of importance, what needs to be followed up by the callee or what can be handled by a colleague. As the personal assistant can linked to the CRM system, precious information can be send out to the Account Manager in order to help him achieve his goal. Who should I call? Who should I visit in the neighborhood? Which quotation should I send? Which lead should I follow?


For Whom?

Sales Managers and Sales Directors who are looking for ways to increase the productivity of their sales teams.

HR Managers who want to offer the salesmen a good work-life balance.

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