“Discover the Voicemail of the Future and how a Personal Assistant can help your company with both retention and efficiency!”


Telecom operators have very low margins on their classic range of products. Retention of customers is a serious problem as customers want – and can – switch to the competition very easily. Therefore, operators are constantly looking for new ways to increase sales per customer. Thus, constantly in search of Value Added Services.


We bring innovation to something that has not changed since its introduction in 1957: voicemail!
Our Voicemail of the Future engages a virtual assistant who can do more than just record a message. The assistant is linked to the agenda of the callee. This gives the caller access to the availability of the person he / she is trying to reach. It is possible to schedule a callback appointment in the callee’s agenda. The advantage for both caller and callee is that they no longer have to call back and forth before they finally get in contact.


For Whom?

Product Marketing Managers and Strategy Managers who want to expand their portfolio of products with high margin software solutions.

Retention Managers and Loyalty Managers who want to ensure that customers services are expanded and unique.

Bulk SMS Managers who want each and every time one of their customers is called, that the caller receives a smart text message with the calleeā€™s availability. At that time, the SMS volume also increases.

Marketing Managers who want to generate leads in a more efficient way because the smart SMS also reaches customers from the competition.


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