I don’t receive messages from my assistant anymore


The assistant can send you feedback in 3 ways – depending on your settings:

  • E-Mail
  • In app messages
  • SMS

Is it the e-mails you don’t get? Make sure these aren’t in your  junk mails. You don’t receive the messages in the application? Then go to “Messages” in the app and scroll down to refresh. Still can’t find them? Check if your newest messages are under the urgent messages that are marked with a red exclamation mark.  Urgent messages always appear on top of your list, so you don’t forget them. But when you don’t delete the urgent mark by swiping a message to the left, your more recent feedback might get lost underneath them. This still does not help or you don’t get the SMS feedback? Get in touch: nikki@ireachm.com 


Updated 08/08/2018

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