CRM vendors are in the business of Customer Relationship Management. This term refers to procedures as well as technology. On the latter level, vendors offer CRM systems. Such a system allows companies to input and manage data pertaining to client relations.


  • The big issue CRM vendors face today has less to do with the system itself than with its users. If clients do not create any data for the system, then the value of the system itself is brought down.
  • Sales people are very busy in their efforts to reach their targets. As a result, they have little time to think about administration. Inputting data into the CRM is just not a priority to them, even though it is very important for the company for the purposes of measuring success, tracking customers, gathering data for marketing and so on.


  • The goal for CRM vendors is simple: reassurance that once created, the system is actually put to good use. This would make the company‚Äôs investment worthwhile and allow the vendors to see how their product actually advances their clients.

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Solutions provided by iReachm

We have connected telephony to the CRM, so that all customer conversations are logged into the system automatically. This provides marketing with a clear overview of key information such as: how many contacts have there been in period X? Which customers have been contacted? Are there any dormant customers?

In addition, we have provided a backup plan for when a (potential) customer might call at a time when there are no sales people available. This data is also gathered and put into the CRM system.