Communicating with customers has changed a great deal in recent years. The task description of a customer service operator is very different from what it was a decade ago. They need very different skills, especially when it comes to technology. As a result, customer service needs to be organized differently. 


  • One of the challenges is the sheer richness of communication channels. There was a time when customer services operated only by telephone. That option still exists, but it is only one among many. E-mail, chat, social media and the like all play their part. It’s imperative that the employees are able to work smoothly with all of these media.
  • In addition, clients have become more informed than ever before. The nature of the questions that face them has become much more specific and complex.
  • Thirdly, today’s clients are much more demanding. They expect high-quality answers and they expect them quickly. This evolution is the result of the digital revolution of past decades. Everything is moving much faster than ever before. Due to their experiences in the digital world, people are used to the ability to find information quickly, a habit they bring with them when they call customer services.


Customer service’s target now is the optimization of client experiences:

  • Employees in customer service have to be able to meet this generation of clients’ high demands.
  • In addition, they need the ability to communicate smoothly using multiple channels, spanning from phone conversations to Twitter and Facebook. This requires people with the right skills as well as the correct technology.
  • Finally, speed will need to be increased.

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  • Implementing technology that allows you to reach customers quickly and easily through multi-channels
  • Offer contextual data to the customer service operators allowing them to have relevant information at their disposal
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