Reachability as a service?

With Reachability as a service, iReachm intends to introduce a new term. Our goal is to make companies easier to reach while simultaneously improving the quality of work and life for the people who work there.

Companies currently face a number of problems surrounding this topic:

  • When they are on the phone, customers sometimes have to wait fifteen to twenty minutes before they get to talk to someone.
  • When a customer calls they can’t reach the person they need. When that person calls back, it’s often at an inopportune time for the client, leading to frustration, time loss and lack of communication.
  • Sales managers blame account managers for their lack of availability.
  • Clients try to call a company and no one answers the phone.


iReachm helps companies take care of these obstacles to healthy client relations. We do this by using the best available technology and the best techniques & procedures. iReachm offers an IPA that maximizes your company’s reachability. This is the foundation of our term Reachability as a service.

Using this platform, the company will be able to deal with clients much more efficiently.